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About us

Who Are WE?

We are K'amore LLC, we specialize in designing and creating one of a kind, customized and personalized jewelry/accessories from our K'amore Creations collections.  

We also have a secondary product that we absolutely adore and enjoy making, our luxuriously scented candle collection - K'amore Scents.

Candles are a definite essential accessory to every male and female who wants to tap into that self care mode.

Who doesn't like to wind down with a fresh or relaxing scent while nurturing and devouring ourselves with self love after a long day? 

All of our creations are handcrafted and made with love. Here, we believe in quality over quantity. Our online store is growing, but we promise to keep bringing you quality merchandise along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit any budget. Check us out and start shopping today.  


Meet The CEO

Teala Riggins 
Founder, Designer and Creator of K'amore Creations

K'amore Creations (Accessory Boutique) was founded in 2018 and is now located in Charlotte, NC.

What started off as a hobby, quickly turned into a full fledge business. Our original purpose was to reach men and women who just wanted something different and unique. Now, the belief is that we have been called to a higher purpose.

The name K'amore was created from the Love (Amore) that she has for her children, Kamani and Khloe (hence the letter-K). Not to mention, the love that the 2 of them have for each other, is beyond cute and adorable. 

The owner is naturally a server and a giver at heart, and her objective is to serve the community with her positive spirit, vibes and energy. Our whole mood and vibe here at K'amore is about serving our clients with great quality and superb Customer Service. Our mission is to reach out to men and women who doubt their skills, abilities, talent and self worth, and help them to discover and become the best versions of themselves and go after exactly what it is that they desire. Here at K'amore we will create peace, joy and laughter again in the world, one person at a time.